Cleaning Services Offered

Welcome to CorXec Cleaning, your trusted partner for comprehensive janitorial services. We are dedicated to providing top-quality cleaning solutions to a wide range of spaces, including homes, offices, retail establishments, and more. With our skilled team, advanced techniques, and eco-friendly practices, we ensure that your environment shines with cleanliness and freshness. Experience the CorXec Cleaning difference and enjoy a pristine space that exceeds your expectations.

We Provide the following Cleaning Services

General Cleaning

General Cleaning

We want to make things easier for you. We prioritize your goals and needs, and we offer a variety of services. We want to be your only commercial maintenance company in the Washington DC Area, so we do everything we can to provide the services you need.

Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

CorXec Cleaning offers advanced electrostatic spray disinfection services, utilizing cutting-edge technology to safeguard your environment. Our expertly trained technicians use EPA-approved disinfectants, ensuring comprehensive coverage and enhanced safety for occupants. Experience the CorXec Cleaning difference and enjoy a healthier and protected space.
Electrostatic Spray Disinfectant
Sanitization Services


CorXec Cleaning offers professional sanitization services to create clean and germ-free environments. With comprehensive solutions, experienced team, and high-quality products, we prioritize health and safety, reducing the risk of illness and providing peace of mind. Contact us for expert sanitization tailored to your needs.


Experience the CorXec Cleaning difference and discover the power of our specialized services. Our team of experts offers tailored solutions for your unique cleaning needs, delivering exceptional results. Trust us to go above and beyond in providing specialized cleaning that exceeds your expectations.
Special Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Unleash the beauty of your carpets with professional carpet cleaning services provided by CorXec Cleaning. Our advanced techniques, customized approach, and experienced technicians ensure exceptional results, breathing new life into your carpets. Contact us today for a transformative carpet cleaning experience.

Post-Event Cleanup

Ensuring a clean and healthy office environment has become more important than ever. Janitorial services from CorXec Cleaning can help keep your office sanitized and free of germs, viruses, and bacteria.
Post Event Cleanup
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Revitalize your surfaces with CorXec Cleaning's powerful pressure washing services. Our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge equipment to remove dirt, grime, and stains, restoring the beauty and shine of your exterior. Trust us for efficient and effective cleaning that leaves a lasting impression.


CorXec Cleaning offers reliable staffing services for your janitorial needs. With a vast network of skilled professionals, customized solutions, and a commitment to quality, we provide trustworthy staff to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of your space. Contact us today for seamless staffing solutions.
Staffing Services
Strip Wax Buff Services

Strip / Wax / Buff

CorXec Cleaning specializes in strip, wax, and buff services to transform your floors. Our skilled team utilizes efficient techniques and high-quality products to restore the shine and durability of your surfaces. Experience the difference with CorXec Cleaning's professional floor care solutions

Junk Removal

CorXec Cleaning offers hassle-free junk removal services to help you reclaim your space. Our swift and reliable team handles projects of any size, responsibly disposing of items to minimize environmental impact. Trust us to clear your clutter and create a clean, stress-free environment
Junk Removal

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